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Exploring Wineries Surrounding Clare Valley Accommodation: A Riesling Enthusiast's Guide

Experience our enchanting Clare Valley accommodation, nestled in the heart of Mintaro, South Australia, a picturesque hub within a renowned wine region. Famed for its exceptional Riesling, Clare Valley boasts over 35 inviting cellar doors awaiting exploration. Immerse yourself completely by choosing to stay in the historic town of Mintaro – the gateway to Clare Valley’s treasures.


Whether you're up for a leisurely stroll to savour exceptional food and wine, envisioning a serene bike ride amidst breathtaking landscapes, or prefer a scenic drive, an array of wineries awaits your exploration in close proximity to our Clare Valley Accommodation.


The Clare Valley is known for our vast array of Rieslings, and whilst there is so much more to discover, if you’re taking advantage of Clare Valley accommodations offerings for the first time, we recommend starting your experience with the region’s famous Riesling.  Our top Riesling picks are recommended below!


Here are a couple of our top picks for wineries that we think you'll absolutely love:

SevenHill Cellars – 13-minute drive or 1-hour bike ride from our Clare Valley Accommodation


We recommend including a visit to SevenHill Wines during your stay at Mintaro Cottage, the very first winery in Clare Valley. A visit here treats you to the finest selection of the region’s wines, including their astounding Riesling, all set against the stunning backdrop of their picturesque estate. Immerse yourself in the harmonious fusion of signature Clare Valley wines and a distinctive location renowned for its historic and spiritual qualities by experiencing their walking trail. Easily accessible, SevenHill Cellars is just a short 13-minute drive away, or you can opt for a leisurely one-hour cycle from Mintaro Cottage.


Riesling Recommendation: 2022 Sevenhill Riesling – 27 Miles


Our top recommendation for Riesling enthusiasts is the 2022 Sevenhill Riesling – 27 Miles. With its vibrant citrus notes and fine acid structure, this is an example of beautiful fruit purity that has all the hallmarks of a long future.

Reillys Wines – 5-minute walk from our Clare Valley Accommodation


A must-visit during your time in Clare Valley is Reillys Wines –a destination that beautifully encapsulates the essence of this region. With a legacy tracing back to 1993, Reillys Wines offer an unparalleled fusion of exceptional wines and delectable culinary delights. Their wines, nurtured in the heart of Clare Valley at their estate vineyards, encompass a stunning range of reds and whites. Offering both a Cellar Door and Restaurant, Reillys invites you to savour and acquire their meticulously crafted estate-grown wines. Plus, treat yourself to a gourmet lunch, showcasing the freshest local flavours. The charm of Reillys Wines will complement your Mintaro Cottage stay, conveniently just a short five-minute stroll away.  


Riesling Recommendation: 2000 Reillys Watervale Riesling


Indulge in the splendid array of Riesling varieties at Reillys, where this gem shines as one of the finest selections. With a treasure trove of accolades, this beautifully matured wine presents a captivating harmony between the richness of toasty, buttery notes and the invigorating essence of crisp citrus fruits.

Kilikanoon Wines – 15-minute drive from our Clare Valley Accommodation


Whilst exploring the enchanting Clare Valley, make sure to include a visit to Kilikanoon Wines. Set within the picturesque Skilly Valley, embraced by charming cottage gardens, a flourishing fruit orchard, vineyards, and majestic gum trees, you'll find the perfect haven to savour the collection of acclaimed Kilikanoon Wines. Characterised by their unique flavours, impeccable craftsmanship, and a deep connection to the vineyard, Kilikanoon Wines is one not to miss.


And when it’s time to wind down, retreat to the comfort of your Clare Valley Accommodation – Mintaro Cottage, conveniently located just 15 minutes away.


Riesling Recommendation: 2022 Mort’s Block Watervale Riesling


Exceptional and vibrant, Mort's Block Watervale Riesling captures the essence of Watervale's renowned soil with its crisp acidity and intense fruit character. The interplay of vineyard limestone and slate underpins its refined yet full-bodied profile, resulting in one of the finest Mort's blocks ever produced.


Koerner Wines – 8-minute drive or 30-minute bike ride from our Clare Valley Accommodation


Light, fresh, textured and well structured, Koerner Wines offer an array of wines made from a mix of unique and traditional varieties. Their winemaking philosophy is all about staying honest to the vineyard and the variety. Having three vineyards within the famous Riesling growing Watervale region, Koerner Wines produce completely different vines, each with unique site characters. So, whether you’re a fan of bright and vibrant reds or aromatic whites, Koerner Wines is the place for you.


Riesling Recommendation: 2022 Koerner Watervale Riesling


Experience the purity of lime and apple, elevated by subtle spice, in this divine Riesling that stands as one of Australia’s finest.

Experience it all from Mintaro Cottage – on the doorstep of Clare Valley’s famous wineries


The historic town of Mintaro, South Australia is surrounded by a collection of remarkable wineries, making it an ideal destination for Riesling and overall wine enthusiasts. Among the notable wineries to explore near Clare Valley Accommodation - Mintaro Cottages, you'll also find gems like Crabtree Wines, Good Catholic Girl Wines, Mad Bastard Wines, Skillogalee Wines, Eldredge Wines, and Paulett Wines. Whether you're seeking a wine-filled adventure or a tranquil retreat, trust our Clare Valley accommodation, Mintaro Cottage to be your perfect home base.

Clare Valley Rooms

Redwood Studio:

$220 - $350 per night (minimum 2-night stay) for 2 guests


Cypress Studio:

$280 - $400 per night (minimum 2-night stay) for 2 guests

$440 - $580 per night (minimum 2-night stay) for 3-4 guests

Minimum stay 5-nights during peak periods

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