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Bike ride around your Clare Accommodation:
Our recommendations of the best trails to follow!

Whether you’re a passionate cyclist or seeking a sense of adventure to enhance your Mintaro Clare Valley experience, this is tailored for you. The region offers an array of captivating bike trails that will take you on an unforgettable journey through its charming landscapes, with stops for an appealing glass of Riesling and many more alternative varities. 


Not far from your Clare accommodation at Mintaro Cottage, you’ll have the option to rent a bike if you don’t already have one with you and get set to take it out on the trails. We recommend checking out the Clare Valley page for the various bike rental options available.  

Riesling Trail near your Clare Accommodation 


During your stay in Mintaro, Clare Valley, the Riesling trail stands as an unmissable gem. It’s one of the most picturesque cycling tracks in South Australia! With vast views of vineyards, mixed farms, bushland, villages, as well as beloved cellar doors you can pause for a leisurely glass of wine and soak in the scenery, before retracing your steps to your Clare accommodation.  


The Riesling trail stretches across a span of 33km, from Barina to Auburn. Depending on your desire, the 8km track from Clare to Barina is suitable for most cyclists, it has a slight incline, followed by a slight decline heading into Barina. Catch your breath at Kilikanoon or Mad Bastard Wines, where the choice between a splendid Riesling, Shiraz or alternate variety awaits, providing a fitting conclusion to your remarkable journey. 

The Rattler Trail near your Clare Accommodation 


Back in 2010, the Rattler Trail opened as a 19km extension of the Riesling Trail, just south of Mintaro, Clare Valley. The exciting path stretches from Auburn to Riverton and is conveniently reachable with a mere 15-minute drive from your Clare accommodation. If you plan your Mintaro, Clare Valley stay in spring, you’ll come across the picturesque Insta-famous canola fields along the track. Keep this track in mind when planning your itinerary, a great activity close to your Clare accommodation at Mintaro Cottage.   

The Mawson Trail near your Clare Accommodation 


The Mawson Trail stretches an impressive 900km, from Blinman to Lobethal. Tackling this track takes a little commitment. However, by staying in Clare accommodation you will open an opportunity to partake in a segment of this challenging trail. If you love mountain bike riding, this trail is for you. It passes through Burra via White Hut Road into Clare and then down to Riverton. Be captivated by views of vineyards, farmland, and natural bushland as you traverse through the changing landscape. When you’ve ventured your chosen distance along the Mawson Trail, retreat to your Clare accommodation for a celebratory Riesling, Shiraz or an alternative variety of your choice.  


Within convenient reach of your Clare accommodation, several trails await your exploration, each tailored to differing preferences.  After selecting your chosen route, ensure to pre-check the weather, pack snacks and beverages (or acquire them during your journey), and prioritise safety by wearing a helmet.  

Book accommodation for your stay in Clare Valley at Mintaro Cottage


After your exhilarating ride, return to Mintaro Cottage and unwind in your private ensuite. Indulge in the soothing embrace of an ensuite spa, rejuvenating your muscles after your adventurous cycling escapade. Plan your trip and book your stay today!


For more information on cycling trails near your Clare accommodation, visit the Clare Valley website and uncover the exciting opportunities that await you.

Clare Valley Rooms

Redwood Studio:

$220 - $350 per night (minimum 2-night stay) for 2 guests


Cypress Studio:

$280 - $400 per night (minimum 2-night stay) for 2 guests

$440 - $580 per night (minimum 2-night stay) for 3-4 guests

Minimum stay 5-nights during peak periods

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